clip file limit

according to the fuze firmware post the maximum file limit for the fuze is about 4000 files.

does anyone know what the limit is for the clip? this is important if a clip of 8 gb is released soon.

When you ask about “file limits”, what are you referring to?

There was a concern about the file limits of playlists – how the WMP-generated ones were like 1000 while a .m3u were at 2000. 

Are you asking if there is a limit to the number of files one can load onto a Clip?  I have never heard a number stated for a Clip.

Will interject that (what I have seen with my 4gb, and YMMV) if a 4gb contains about 700 songs, an 8gb would have the  capacity  for 1400.  

It would be sort of counterproductive if it couldn’t  accept  over 1000 files. :manvery-happy:  

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