Does Sansa Express work with USB 1.1?

I would like to buy a Sansa Express MP3 player, but I am not sure if it will work on my older computer, which has just USB 1.1.  Literature and packaging says USB 2.0 is required for high-speed transfer (daaa) but I have not seen anything definitive if it will work on USB 1.1, ie, just at a slower transfer rate.

I called customer support and they were vague, saying it might work, but 2.0 is recommended and I should contact MicroSoft to download software to update my USB ports.  Sounds fishy, dont think that could actually work.

Anyone use these MP3 players on USB 1.1 systems?  Does it transfer files?  Charge ok too?

It should work in USB1.1, but it might be slow.  To get USB2.0 is not a simple software update.  You will need to install a USB2.0 card.

It almost always works without a problem.  The one catch is that USB 1.1 isn’t as good about providing power as it’s supposed to be in some cases, and insufficient power may cause issues with any device.  That being said, it’s pretty rare.  I know people that charge multiple MP3 players and a phone at the same time on older laptops equipped with USB 1.1 and don’t have a problem.  YMMV, of course.