Issue to switch on my Sansa Express MP3 -1GB

Hi All,


Please HELP.


I am currently experiencing an issue with my Sansa Express MP3 -1GB. When pressing on the power button, the screen light up almost 1 second only and then it’s switch off.

When connecting the MP3 to my laptop it no longer recognized same. My windows player asked me to refresh the version & that it does not recognize the USB device.

It seems that the battery is empty and is not getting charged properly.


Am quite desparate…so please help & write to me if you have once tackled this issue or know how to fix it.


Thanking u beforehand & awaiting your reply. As follows my email add


Sandra M


im having the same problem with my sansa express 1GB, can you email me when you get the solution?

my email address is


I’am not sure about the windows player problem, but, check that the USB port on the laptop is USB 2.0.

The USB 1.0 ports are not powered and will not recharge the sansa express.

some laptops may not have an USB 2.0 port.