Does Clip Zip have any headphone jack issues?

Several years ago, I had a Clip+ which I loved (better than the 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle I had before that), except for one problem: I had problems with the headphone jack.  Regardless of which headphones I used, the music would often cut in and out, and I’d have to play with the jack to get it right.  I finally gave up when Apple got over the awful design of the 3rd Gen Shuffle and came out with the current model.

I’d like to go back to the Sansa Clip series, as I thought it was a far superiod product to what I have now, but I’m worried about the headphone jack and want to know if the Zip has a similar problem?

Disclaimer: In trying to find an answer to my question about the Zip before posting here, I’ve now found answers to the question I never found when I first had problems with my Clip+.  It looks like it’s possible that the headphone jack was simply never inserted all the way, and I just had to push harder.  Unfortunately, I threw the unit away a long time ago, so have no idea whether it was broken or I just needed to put a little elbow grease into it.

I’m not aware of any headphone jack problem with the Zip (or the Clip+ for that matter) other than as you discovered, them being very tight when new, and some people don’t get the plug seated all the way. Too bad you threw away the old one; there probably wasn’t anything wrong with it.

Shoulda come here first.  :wink:

Live and learn!


Have had no headphone jack issues with any of my Clips, Zip included–

I also noticed that the jack is very tight. The first time I tried to pull the earphone out, I pulled the rubber jacket off the earphone plug. BTW, I really don’t like the stock earphones. I replaced them with an over-the-ear style. Other than that I’ve been happy with the Clip Zip.

The earphone port is only only attached to the board, and supported only by the two solder points used to connect each channel to the board.  If the earphones are pulled on, these are easily broken, resulting in losing the signal from one or both channels.