Do you use YMJ?

Just curious. With the new update, do you find you are still using Yahoo’s Jukebox much? If so, for what?

Do you like using the program?

What did the new update do for me?  Is there a better way to do this?  My Yahoo playlists don’t show up on media player.  I don’t mind the Yahoo interface.

I do still use YMJ when I want to explore artist details and similar music tracks, and sometimes to watch the linked videos.  But I frequently find myself in full couch potato position using the excellent “Get more music” features on the Connect to keep my playlists fresh.  I love my Connect!

If you mark the playlists you create on YMJ public, they will transfer to your Connect and be accessible under My Music>Playlists & Mixes

I uninstalled YMJ and use Windows Media Player for playlist syncing.  I tried Winamp 5, but it never worked right with the Connect (lots of duplicates).  I was frustrated how slow YMJ was when making playlists, presumably because it was syncing playlists online (which I didn’t want and caused some weird duplications).  I don’t have Unlimited To Go yet, but if I get it, I’ll probably just use Zing on the Connect itself. WMP is cumbersome to use in some ways (I think it makes it harder to have separate Library and Sync tabs, for example, and editing playlists functions differently in the sidebar vs the main column), but it’s the best I’ve found so far.  If anyone else has a favorite program to use with the Connect, I’d like to know about it. Thanks.