Delete Playlist & Contents Doesn't Work in WMP

YMJ was so slow and frustrating, and Winamp 5 didn’t seem to work right with the Connect, so I use Window Media Player 11.  However, using WMP to delete a playlist on the Connect and selecting the option to delete the playlist and its contents does not seem to work.  The playlist deletes, but the songs it contained remain.  The progress bar looks like it tries to delete the songs and then gives up right away. Every time, I have to select the songs manually from the all Songs list and delete them.  This happens with songs that were loaded to the Connect by syncing a playlist.

I think that there is a weird incompatibility between how the Connect structures playlists and how WMP can manipulate them.  For example, when a playlist is synched to the Connect, I think the Connect moves the songs to a subfolder that WMP doesn’t know about.  When WMP tries to delete the playlist later, it can’t find the songs because the Connect automatically moves them upon download.  At least, that’s my hypothesis.  Does anybody know for sure or if there’s a way to make the Connect work better in WMP (or Winamp for that matter)?

I gave up on using WMP with the Connect, it just froze/crashed way too often.  Winamp is good but doesn’t support smart playlists.  I use MediaMonkey now.  It’s only drawback is that it can’t see a MicroSDHC card when it’s in the Connect, so I just sync the card separately as an MSC device.