Do not buy Sandisk SSDs, they will not honor their Warranty.

Purchased a Sandisk Cloudspeed Ultra Gen II 3 years ago (5 year warranty) and had 0 issues until recently. It started having frequent drop out while under file transfers (not as OS disk). So I contacted customer service to trouble shoot the issue. I uploaded all the required pictures and receipt and expected to be on my way. Next thing I know, I get contacted by CSR Leo A who says that because the LOGO sticker was removed, the warranty is void. Despite the fact that the sticker with the Warranty information, serial number and all vital information is still on the drive unmodified, Leo A claimed that my warranty is invalid. Afterwards he asked a couple more questions in an attempt to troubleshoot the drive, which I responded and he just messaged that the warranty is invalid. 

Two words to sum up Sandisk, bad customer service and poor workmanship. They refuse to honor their warranty, so let this be a cautionary tale for those seeking to purchase a Sandisk or western digital drive. I wish I knew this 3 years ago, I would’ve gone with a Samsung, Intel, heck even an OCZ and they don’t even exist anymore.