Display shows "Music" only

I just  received my Clip+ and am trying to set it up.    Is recognized by computer.  Will not power “OFF”.   The only thing I see on the screen is the batter indicator, headphones and Music.   Help!

Peel the protective static-cling screen sticker off of the display screen. There should be a little tab (usually in the upper right corner) to get it started. :wink:

And don’t be embarrassed–this has happened to _ many _ people . . . .   ;^)

OMG.   I am beyond embarrassed.    :flushed:   And now you know why I normally wait for someone to set this stuff up for me … but I was so excited to get it, I thought I would give it a go.   OMG.   Thank you so very much!   :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention …*everything* is working perfectly *now*.    Thanks again.

Enjoy your brand new player!   :slight_smile: