New user - having problems

Hi I am a brand new Sansa Clip + 8Gb user. I have charged the device and connected it to Windows 7 with no problems. I can see the device, the Internal Memory and some folders and files within it.

When I disconnect from the PC and turn the device on I see Headphones and the word Music>. I can find no other menu options and any button press appears to move the highlight up or down without doing anything else.

Am I doing something stupid? I have downloaded and read the user manual.

To add a bit more information. I have been going over the instructions in the manual again and again and my device does not display anything like what is described.

Most of the time I see a pair of headphones and the word (menu option?) Music> with a battery symbol above it… When connected to the PC these vary in brightness with a “wipe” from left to right. No “Connected” message. When disconnected the display dims but the three items are still visible.



Oh my what a wally I feel.

It had never occurred to me that the screen covering was anything other than clear p[lastic. In fact it was a dark obscured plastic with the three symbols I kept seeing there as transparent patches. As the display changed behind the covering I was seeing variations in brightness. The wipe effect was due to movement of the animation in the display showing the device was connected.

If anyone else is ever as dumb as me perhaps this tale may help them. Sorry for wasting anyone elses time.

No problem, I was going to suggest that you peel the protective screen film off as this is not the first time this has come up.

Glad you were able to figure it out. :smiley:

I don’t think you should be feeling dumb at all!

I had the same issue when my new Clip+ arrived yesterday. There are NO instructions to remove the display cover, and the way it’s designed with the black background, blue headphones, the word “music” and even a 3/4 charged yellow battery icon, how would a new user know it even is a display cover? When I plugged my Clip+ in to charge, the cover lit up, and was scrolling as the battery charged. No indication that I was looking at a cover over the screen at all. I had to search this forum for the solution when I couldn’t access the menu. This was after I’d already searched to see why my battery wouldn’t fully charge. Turns out that I was looking at a picture of a battery icon!

I think this is a poor design for a cover. It could be clear so the display could be seen underneath, and left permanently in place if the user chooses to. But either way, the instructions (both the quick start and the users manual) should explain that the display cover is there, and instruct you to remove it prior to using the Clip+. Tapeworm says it’s not the first time its come up, and a search shows that to be true. It should be addressed in the manuals, first thing.

There’s too many posts about the user feeling foolish, but the cover is not intuitive at all.  If the manuals can’t be edited, then include a sticker in the package instructing the new user to remove the display cover!

On a more positive note, I really like the forum, since I’ve had to access it three times within a few hours of my Clip+ arriving. Once for the battery icon, once for the display cover, and once for reassurance that I wouldn’t break the Clip+ headphone jack by fully inserting the headphones.

Without this forum, my Clip+ would have been headed back to Amazon by now. Thanks!

Thank you all for having the same problem I have -not knowing there was a protective screen and that it needed to be removed. I also had this problem on a scale - you’d think I would have learned! I agree there should be some kind of info on this in the directions.

I did the same thing… I figured the covering was clear too…

Thanks for the solution. I followed it step by step and pretty well, it worked for me too!

@rhodesv wrote:
Thanks for the solution. I followed it step by step and pretty well, it worked for me too!

No you didn’t. Stop lying and posting “me too” comments. They are not only unnessary but clog up the forum with useless posts and are irritating to others. :angry: