Display screen scratches removal

Does have anyone have the best solution to remove scratches off of my display screen on my clip+?

I’ve tried jeweler’s polishing compound, tooth paste, silver polish cleaner, pencil eraser, various textures of cloth and nothing seems to work.

Hasiel in AB Canada



This might work for you, but please try at your own risk.


A simple MP3/PMP surface restoration process


Haven’t tried it myself, but it seemed to work for LewisLink, and he’s a very trustworthy and knowledgeable guy!


All the best!

The depth of the offending scratches would determine the appropriate abrasive treatment. If you have deep scratches, you’d want to start with something pretty agressive, then work your way down to the finer and finer polishing creams, etc.

From what you say you’ve tried, all those are fairly mild in their abrasiveness, so you may need to go wth the big guns, then use these to smooth things out.