scatches on glass screen

has anyone found a good glass scratch remover ?

I could use something of the sort myself. Unfortunately, I don’t think that anything like that has been invented, else it would be very popular among glass owners.

You didn’t specifically state this, but if you think the Sansa’s screen is glass, its not.  Just FYI.  Glass is infinitely easier to keep smooth than the scratch-prone plastic we have.

If it is plastic in witch  I would think it is. I couldnt see why you  couldnt use something like meguiars PlasticX to remove the scratches. It depends on  how deep the scratches are. I  have used this product on  my mothers Headlight lenses when  they was cloudy. I  used 2000 grit wet sandpaper to  remove the buildup. Then  the plasticX  on  a buffer to  take the scratches out of the lenses left by the sandpaper. so  I cant see the plastic x not being able to remove the scratches on the player screen. 

I  am  not saying to  use the plastic X as I  dont know how it will react on the screen and have people say he made me ruin my screen.  Just saying there are products out there that removes scratches on  plastic.  


as far as removing scratches off glass? I have heard of people using car buffing polishes to  remove scratches off the windshield. But they say you can  screw it up quick and not to attempt. 

Here you go…