Differences between M240 and M250 displaying mp3 song names in Korean letter

I have m240 (bought new in retail box) and m250 (bought as a refurbished) with the same firmware (2.2.5A).

After I transfer some Korean music using Windows Media Player 11, m240 shows all songs, albums, and artists in Korean,

however, m250 shows in some sort of mixed characters which does not appear to be any language.

I also noticed that m250 menu shows more space between letters than m240. Both languages are set to Enlish.

Can anyone help?

I don’t know for sure, but I feel I know the answer.  I’ve swapped the flash memory cards between diffferent models, m230, 240, 250.  The firmware is written into the flash memory, not on the circuit board.  If you put the flash memory from a m250 in a m230, it immediatly becomes a m250 with 2 gb memory and with the firmware level of the m250 and all your songs and settings intact.  Except for the printing on the case, it actually becomes a m250. The circuit boards also have levels printed on them, and the pre-fix on the board must equal the pre-fix of the firmware (i.e. 1.2.3 or 4).  It looks like someone changed the flash memory card for one from another m250 at a different firmware level, or they force updated the firmware.

Check your warranty on the refurb.

Thank you for nice assessments.

If a wrong firmware version was installed on the flash memory (this is my understanding from your post), is it possible to revert it?

How do I find out the firmware level on the circuit board? I tried to open the back cover but was not quite successful, I had to cover it since the other end wouldn’t open easily.

If you can force a firmware update, can you download different firmware (1.2.3. or 4) from Sandisk website so that I can try to force all the different firmwares one at a time to see whether it will fix the problem?

Since I bought it at ebay, I do not think it has any warranty.

I did some further research.  On “anythingbutipod” forums, right after the m200 was introduced, some European users changed the firmware to American because the European version doesn’t have an FM radio.  Looks like right after that, SanDisk changed the firmware so it trashes the unit if you try it.  What you do is find the configuration file on the unit and edit it for a base firmware version, they run the update program.

I tried it.  It trashed it!  It worked great until I turned it off and now it will not turn back on.  I removed the battery and pluged it into the PC and it said “unknown USB device” and still it doesn’t turn on.  Luckily I used a 512 MB chip from a m230 with a broken display in a m240 so nothing is lost.  I put the 1 GB chip back in and the unit works normally.

Circuit City has the m250 for $34.99 with free shipping online only.  It’s $44.99 in the local store.  And it has a one year warranty. 

I looked at Ebay and the dealer said the unit had a 90 day warranty by SanDisk.  SanDisk tech support says they DO NOT have warranties on used or refurbished units.

I ordered a new one from Circuit City based on your information (thank you!). Hope that works just like m240.

I should have not bought a refurbished one at the first place.