M250 vs M240 operation difference -- firmware or hardware?

I have an Sansa M240 (1GB) and Sansa M250 (2GB). I noticed some slight, albeit annoying, differences with the 2GB model and I’m wondering if it’s just firmware related or something unchangeable because it’s the nature of the hardware. Reason I ask is I’m thinking of flashing down the 2GB model with an older version of the firmware if that’s possible…

Here’s the differences I noticed:

  • Adjusting the volume is jerky and slow on the M250. Whereas on the M240, it moves up and down very smoothly and quickly using the side buttons.

  • Holding down FF while playing music to move ahead in the song MUTES audio. On the M240 you can hear it playing quickly, like forwarding on a CD player.

  • When jumping to the next song, there is a short pause and the song volume fades out. On the M240 it just IMMEDIATELY plays the next song, and no fade out.

  • When powering on, after the Sansa name appears there is a 6-7 second delay before you can play music/access menus. On the M240 there is about a 1 second delay! 

The firmware on the M250 = v4.1.08A

The firmware on the M240 = v3.2.8A

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