Did I brick my SD card with Arduino?(Help????)

So I accidentally forgot to close the sd card file before deleting it or something like that :smiley: . And because of this, my SD card is now unrecognizable by any SD module and computer. When I put my micro sd card in the computer(windows 10), nothing appears, instead, my disk management keeps loading forever.

When I try different micro sd cards with the Arduino, they work fine, so the wiring is all correct; my bricked micro SD card is the problem.

I tried to troubleshoot and formatted via the author’s SD library. This code. The Arduino formatter says,

Card Size: 1978 MB, (MB = 1,000,000 bytes) Erasing error: erase failed SD error: 63,0

I got some information about the sd card. I get this error code from  SDinfo  without removing or doing anything to the sd card:

error: cardBegin failed SD errorCode: 0X20,0XFF

And strangely, I also get this error from  SDinfo  when I insert the SD card right away.

Card type: SD2 Manufacturer ID: 0X3 OEM ID: SD Product: SU02G Version: 8.0 Serial number: 0X469EC17 Manufacturing date: 4/2012 cardSize: 1977.61 MB (MB = 1,000,000 bytes) flashEraseSize: 32 blocks eraseSingleBlock: true OCR: 0X80FF8000 SD Partition Table part,boot,type,start,length 1,0X0,0X0,0,0 2,0X0,0X0,0,0 3,0X0,0X0,0,0 4,0X0,0X0,0,0 error: File System initialization failed. SD errorCode: 0X30,0XFF

So the SD card is  ALIVE , but it’s in a coma. XD How do I get it out of its misery if it doesn’t let me format it or even access its data?

Edit : Shoutout to u/NotTheory, u/be-happier, u/triffid_hunter, u/anotherdonald, and u/ThatHardcoreKid16 for their help. I figured out the problem! Unfortunatley, the SD card is bricked, but I know why and how we can avoid it the next time. It turns out the problem was a lack of a good reliable power supply for the sd card module. I was using the Arduino Pro Micro, and it turned out it wasn’t able to output enough current to the SD card. Through more testing(with a new SD card), I found out it was definitely the Pro Micro’s voltage regulator; when I try to format a file via Arduino, the Pro Micro struggles to regain access to the SD card after formatting.

Long Story short, just get a good voltage regulator when using SD cards. :smiley: At least it was just a 2GB micro SD card. ???RIP???

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not sure how disk utility works, but i think it might have something to do with not being a super user. my first suggestion would be to type su and then at the prompt the root password, then gparted. it’s a GUI so shouldn’t be too bad to figure out. if you don’t have a utility. type apt install gparted, or whatever else you want. otherwise, for CLI, go in console, type su, then the root password. then fdisk -l to find what device it is. say it is /dev/sdc. if it has a mount point, you’ll probably want to umount it. now you’ll fdisk /dev/sdc. you’ll get some options, try p to see if it even has a partition table. if it’s **bleep**ed, try o for a new dos partition table. d should let you delete partitions, and n to make a new one. you’ll probably just want one partition that is the size of the whole thing. after that, w to write and save. if all of that worked, you’ll want to use mkfs to make the partition fat32, probably. i think these things should work, if not you can also mess around with searching the web for these commands

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Maybe you’re not getting any responses because you posted this in one of the SSD boards instead of the Memory Card board?

Brother you have not got any reply because maybe you have posted your query under a wrong section lol Shareit

Trying posting it in a current section your issue will be solved

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that’s true, will post it there… thanks anyway. 9Apps VidMate app VLC