Describe your ideal mp3 player

  1. Easily fit in a shirt pocket

2. Use a AA battery, or perhaps some other inexpensive easily swappable battery(perhaps a 18650 LIon battery?) that could be quickly charged ouside the player. While a AA nimh battery can be charged 4 at a time in as little as 15 minutes(a few  chargers even charge 8 at a time), a 3,000 mah 18650 battery would probably take at least 3 hours to charge(and the chargers only seem to charge one or two at a time) The 18650 battery is just slightly larger than a AA, yet holds 3x the power. A 3,000 mah 18650 battery holds over 10x the power in the Clip+ battery, or around five and a half times the power in the Fuze battery. A 2,600 mah 18650 battery retails for under $5.

  1. Have a low power monochrome display(perhaps like a digital watch) that is on all the time while the player is on.

  2. 40+ hour battery life. 

  3. Have variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction and many features for managing podcasts, lectures, and audiobooks, including sound enhancements to make low quality voice recordings more comprehensible.

6.Both AM and FM HD radio.

7.A full sized SDXC card slot.

8.Have tactile buttons and a scroll wheel.

9.Have a mini USB connector.

  1. Have both folder and tag browsing, and an option to disable tag browsing so a card could be swapped without a database refresh. Cards should be hot swappable(while the player is on), without any glitches.

  2. High power output(at least 40 mw/channel into 16 ohms?). Also having a line out.

  3. Some models having more than one card slot.

  4. Some models having a mic jack, line in, and advanced recording features. User selectable mp3 or wma recording, with the bitrate user selectable. 

  5. Comes with a case that has a clip on the back.

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Sounds like a $500 device to me. :wink:

Peregrine wrote:

Sounds like a $500 device to me. :wink:


Then JK98 would defintely not buy it.:wink:

Peregrine wrote:

Sounds like a $500 device to me. :wink:


More like

$500? Why? More like $150 at most.

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Similar to the Sansa and Cowon players we already have but with a few extras:

-Higher capacity flash players(32gb and above)

-Better tag support

-Customizable interfaces of some sort

-Album support of at least 500x500 jpegs with at least 300kb filesizes.

Sandisk with Bluetooth capable fro Motorokr headsets.

My ideal player would have:

Amazing battery life (30+ hours)

Small form factor simular to Fuze

Comes with Rockbox 


Recording the radio

Recording my voice

replacable battery

recorde to OGG or MP3 instead of crappy WMA

Large amount of onboard memory (16 gb)

Micro SD slot

Still Affordable :) 

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trickyhero wrote:

My ideal player would have:


recorde to OGG or MP3 instead of crappy WMA

Actually, it records in .wav format, not .wma. Neither format are what I would call crappy.

“Amazing battery life (30+ hours)”

30 hour battery life is amazing??? I would say 300 hour battery life would be amazing. Just 30 hours isn’t that good. With 300 hour battery life, many people would only need to charge the player once a month…

  1. Firmware that works

  2. Firmware that works

  3. Firmware that works

  4. if it has images, let it have zoom

  5. File system browsing instead of tag based browsing

@ufotds wrote:

  1. Firmware that works
  1. Firmware that works
  1. Firmware that works
  1. if it has images, let it have zoom
  1. File system browsing instead of tag based browsing

Ah–the Clip+.


Well, all except for #4 anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

@tapeworm wrote:

Well, all except for #4 anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t play Doom on your Clip?   :wink:

I still haven’t found a player close to what I want. i pretty much want what I stated in the first post, except FM HD radio would be enough, I don’t need AM, and I would prefer having 2 micro SDXC card slots instead of one full sized one. Longer battery life is also important. With other brands making mp3 players having battery life in the 40-110 hour range, having just 15 or 24 hours of battery life(less in real world use) doesn’t match up well.

  1. Monochrome display quality like for example at cheapest Amazon Kindle (to be easy read at direct bright sun) enough size to be easily readable letters of functions, let say 1 - 1,5 Inch diagonal. Or colour display enough size for photo, but no video quality. Metal housing covered with thin rubber.

  2. No Video (That is, if video is included then display size should be atleast 4 inch or bigger. Smaller display and there is no need for video possibility).

  3. Tactile (button) or/and mechanical wheel commands

  4. User replaceable standard batteries (Alcaline/NiMH, Lithium, whatever but that can be easily bouhgt in electronic shops not only in 1. but also in 2. and even 3. world countries. For example I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina) with atleast 30 hours play when used for example AAA alcaline batteries and more time for higher capacity batteries (let say about 60 hours with 2700mAh AA NiMH batteires)

  5. 64GB starting and more capacity. Micro SD or full SD card slot (even if player has large internal memory there is need for SD card slot. If not for more capacity, then for having particular files not in player but on memory card).

  6. Option to shut off tags, to speed up ON time (no need to loading tag structure when turn player ON, look at point 7).

  7. Well, computers have made directories/files structure decades ago. Just implement that into player, don’t “invent hot water” There are well documented proven solutions, just use them. You can include tag structures if people want to use them, but let standard computer directories/files structure to be default.

  8. Why not Linux (Ubuntu) based player (no Android, please). But this would be maybe too much :slight_smile:

  9. AM/FM radio.

  10. Price tag 150 USD for such player with 64GB memory as starting model. Up to middle 2013. After that or more memory in starting model or lower price.

  11. Volume limit changeable That is, for selling in EU if volume must be low by default, user changeable to high volume.

  12. Excellent quality sound (Wolfson DAC and other sound processing chips, or if there better than Wolfxon, than use that).

  13. Enough power to drive real HiFi headphones.

  14. Line in, line out in more expensive higher models. Voice recording too. Of course if those could be inplemented in basic model without higher cost, then do that by all means.

I would by such player even without included headphones for keeping cost down. After all, everyone who want better sound buys separate headphones anyway as those that come with players of any manyfacturer and any price range are low or middle quality.

Thing that I hate is when manufacturer make basic model for example for 50 USD. Then add some function which cost maybe 5-10 USD, but sell that player for 100 USD as advanced model. In one word, please, don’t make fools of your buyers. Don’t play marketig games and name players as “pro” equipment just to sell them for more money with adding function which are not expensive to add. Why, for example, player couldn’t have all functions (beside basic functions to have Line in, line out, and all other advanced functions) without separating models as basic, advaced and pro, and only difference to be internal memory capacity and difference prices because of internal memory and nothing else.

screen of atleast 320x240

 card slot, sd, mini sd, micro, whatever.

rockbox capable

 gapless playback

flac playback

 user configurable themes

 easily replaceable battery, upgradeable if possible

 bbe or similar sound enhancement

 configurable menus so i dont haveto scroll through a bunch of options i never use.

tactile controls

 a connector that is not micro usb. practically anything, anything else.

line out jack

 scratch resistant

 fuze+ with rocbox actually meets many of these criteria except th e touch contfols are difficult. a fuze+ with a scroll wheel and or 5 way tactile interface would be a dream come true

The original SanDisk MP3 Player has an option none of the models that followed contains: replaceable AA battery.

This one option makes it an ideal partner for the road and for use daily.

It allows one to resupply the device with energy at a moments notice, if you have an extra AA battery in your case/backpack, or can purchase extra energy from numerous places on road.

I do wonder why this one option was removed in persent and future models.

SanDisk should bring it back.

@warren96 wrote:

The original SanDisk MP3 Player has an option none of the models that followed contains: replaceable AA battery.


_ I do wonder why this one option was removed in persent and future models. _


Simple. Size and form (aka thin).  :wink:

Plus, perhaps, built-in obsolescence, with people needing to buy a new player when the battery runs down? :wink: