Describe your ideal mp3 player

@miikerman wrote:
Plus, perhaps, built-in obsolescence, with people needing to buy a new player when the battery runs down? :wink:

I’ve never had one long enough for the battery to die…it must take a good long while. 

That’s just because you’re addicted and keep buying the newest and the greatest. :wink:

I am hoping that Sandisk comes out with some more capable players. The last two players I bought were made by a company other than Sandisk. I wanted something more capable than Sandisk currently offers. 

I am hoping Sandisk comes out with a player under $100 that has HD radio, two card slots, bluetooth, a metal case, and 40+ hours of battery life.

From your mouth to heaven’s ears . . . .  I’ve written of wanting a metal-cased Uber-Clip for years, seeing them in platinum, gold and bronze varieties.

But, does any current player have two card slots?  (And I can’t exactly recall one from the past, although I have a faint recollection that there might have been one.)  My guess is, with the declining price of microSDXC cards (I scored a major manufacturer 128GB microSDXC card for just under US$30 this past Black Friday–although this probably is not exactly a fair comparison), DAP manfs. might see multiple slots as unnecessary.  Having said that, a 256+GB DAP would be sweet.   :)    

There are now a few players that have two microSD card slots. I haven’t noticed any with 4 slots yet.  The players I have noticed with two card slots are all over $100, with some even over $1,000. They also have short battery life, 11 hours or less. With the increasing interest in FLAC and especially high resolution files, having multiple card slots makes sense. I guess something like 300 CDs ripped to FLAC  fit on a 128GB card? Some people have music collections with thousands of CDs, and to carry it all in FLAC they might need a player with 16 card slots.  Before we see players with 8 card slots though, we will need to see at least a few with 4 card slots.

I almost exclusively listen to audiobooks. So my ideal mp3-audiobook-player…

  1. …is very small in size.
  2. …has a clip-on. 
  3. …has a decent battery life. 
  4. …has a micro-sd port where I can add audiobooks in mp3 format.
  5. …allows me to play the files from the directories in the intended order.
  6. …has physical insensitive buttons, because I’m using it in my pocket while commuting.
  7. …has enough power to scroll through big audio files and will speed up the scrolling the longer I press the scroll button.
  8. …will remember where I paused the playback or shut off the mp3-player under any circumstances.
  9. …will start up very fast and play right away from the position the playback has been. Maybe 5 seconds before, to get back into the story easier.
  10. …has an equilizer to balance the voices to make up for cheap headphones.

And that’s about it.

  1. it doesn’t need is a lot of Internal space.
  2. It only needs a very basic screen, no need for visualizing colorful covers.
  3. It doesn’t need a radio.
  4. It doesn’t need a microphone. (Although I’m using this feature a lot in my beloved sansa clip+)
  5. The small size and the better battery life is the reason to not use my phone instead.

The result is very cheap hardware with a few specific software requirements.