Deleted songs with firmware upgrade?

I was having an issue with my laptop seeing my player in Windows media player and also Windows explorer. I thought if I downloaded the new fireware it would help, well now it seems my clip is empty!! Do I need to start all over again and reload all my songs or am I missing something? I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t want to make things worse…help!!

Does it only appear empty via what shows on your computer?  New firmware resets the Clip’s USB mode (under Settings/USB) to Auto, which will default to MTP mode, if possible.  Files transferred to your Clip when connected to your computer in USB MTP mode only show on your computer when you are connected in MTP mode; same as to MSC mode. 

You can try setting the USB mode on the Clip to the other mode (again, under Settings/USB) and see if the files now show on your computer.

Regardless of the above, they all should be listed on the Clip itself.

I agree, you need to change the mode of your device because it will automatically change to MTP by default after updating the firmware and songs you transfer unde MSC will not be seen in your computer when it is on MTP mode. :wink: