Deleted Program from iXpand, but space isn't clearing

Well, I must have made a pretty big mistake.

I have a 31.9 GB capacity iXpand to bring with me on a lengthy trip, along with another flash drive. Debating about whether or not to bring my 1TB external harddrive along as well, I decided to experiment with how much storing I could get away with by seeing if I could copy the 22 or so GB LOTRO game launcher onto the iXpand.

The iXpand got hot to the touch and had only about 8 GB remaining by the time the game launcher was completely copied onto it. I decided it wasn’t worth taking up so much space on that drive, and deleted it from the iXpand.

But iXpand still gets hot to the touch after being plugged in and still only shows 8 GB available.

Is this reparable?

did you copy this data to the iXpand from a Mac? Of so you need to empty the trash before disconnecting the drive before it will free the space. 

If this was done on a windows computer there may be other reasons however formatting the iXpand should resolve the issue. 

Backup and data you do nto want to delete and see the knowledgebase article below for instructions on how to format. Use exFAT as the file system when you format. And if you are using a mac make sure and use Master Boot Record for the partition type. 

Formatting on Mac

Formatting on PC