iXpand Drive is full; unable to free up space in it.

Hi having trouble with my SanDisk iXpand 64GB Flash Drive for iPhone. I have already copied files from iPhone to the flash drive and then from the flash drive to my Mac. Then I deleted files and folders on the ixpand drive using Mac. However, the drive keeps saying ‘64 GB used of 64 GB’ - so it’s saying it’s full. If I try and save a file I get a message saying ‘iExpand drive is full - operation could not be completed’ Yet when I go to VIew Files on the drive there are no files there. So what’s taking up the 64GB? I want to free up the 64 GB space in the ixpand drive so that I can copy more files on to it from my iPad. But how to free up the space in the flash drive?

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Hi, I also had this this problem.
try reformating, if not working then it can be your system taking that much space, clean junk, caches using M cleaner app… Turn off log buffer if enabled, it creates text(txt) files which has system logs, radio logs, kernel logs, etc. Search for big files and delete them they are not obb files