Available storge

What am I doing wrong…???    Under available storage it says…    Iphone space  59GB used of  64 GB   NEXT  TO  THAT

                                                                                                                            _**iXpand Space  200MB used of  64 GB…

                                            PLEASE   HELP…**_

I had quite the same struggles with the iPhone. I recommend you to take the following steps, that´s at least what I did, I searched for them on the web.

  1. clear junk files
  2. move photos to icloud
  3. uninstall and reinstall apps
  4. erase unwanted private data
  5. reset the iPhone and make a Back-up

Sometimes it already works better after deleting the search history on Safari in the Settings.

I hope that this comment will help you!

Best regards,

Yes with most on the problems uninstalling apps or resetting the phone can help.