iXpand Drive app eats space on iPhone

Hello dear everyone,

My wife’s phone has a strange problem with iXpand Drive application that I’m trying to solve. The app itself works fairly well, however, it takes up a LOT of space on the iPhone. Currently it shows up in iPhone Storage Overview as using 116,5 Mb for the app and whopping 21,9 Gb for “Documents & Data”. Could you please hint what could be the reason for this? Also, is it safe to just delete and reinstall the app?

Some additional details:

  • The phone is iPhone 7, 128 Gb
  • The drive that is currently used is iXpand Flash Drive 3.0 32 Gb
  • Before this one there was another 64 Gb drive that has been since lost. If there is any chance to restore at least part of the photos that have been lost together with it from some internal iXpand Drive app cache, I’d be interested to know about that as well

Thanks in advance!

Does SanDsik support monitor any of these forums?  

My SanDisk iXpand is ALSO using several Gb of data … on the iPhone … hmm, i bought this belessed thing to ‘EXPAND’ my iPhone’s limited 32Gb … not for the SanDisk iXpand to USE the internal iPhone storage (except for the app itself) …

Why is this app so stupid that it has to store ‘data’ on the phone and not just put the ‘data’ on the iXpand external drive?  

Andybody have any ideas - or … does SanDisk need to modify their app so it does NOT do this ???   


I’m having the same problem. My phone says I have over 30 gb storage, but when I want to transfer from flash drive to phone it says I have only 3 gb storage left.??? 

I can’t believe no one else is having the same problem, even more that no one seems to want to help…

This information is very useful. Thanks for explaining this to me.

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