what is the actual space available on a 32gb Cruzer Flashdrive?

what is the actual space available on a 32gb Cruzer Flashdrive?, i bought one before and it has 31gb space available when i checked it on windows explorer,

i just bought a spare and noticed that it only has 29.8gb available.(it is blank)

how much available space should it contain?

29.8 is correct. 

I have a 31.9 GB capacity iXpand to bring with me on a lengthy trip, along with another flash drive. Debating about whether or not to bring my 1TB external harddrive along as well, I decided to experiment with how much storing I could get away with by seeing if I could copy the 22 or so GB LOTRO game launcher onto the iXpand.

The iXpand got hot to the touch and had only about 8 GB remaining by the time the game launcher was completely copied onto it. I decided it wasn’t worth taking up so much space on that drive, and deleted it from the iXpand.

But iXpand still gets hot to the touch after being plugged in and still only shows 8 GB available.

Is this reparable?

Is the deleted file in a Windows Recycle Bin?  If so delete it.  Worse case, try reformating the drive.  For large files use exFAT else use FAT32.