Deleted 00000 file, now can't access secure disk

By accident, I moved the 00000 folder into my recycle bin, where it promptly disappeared (though I didn’t empty the bin).  Now, I can’t access the secure files on my disk, and since I already deleted the originals (to protect their security) I am getting worried that I’ve lost the data forever. I’ve tried restoring the files from the disk back to my computer, but, although the disk says they have bytes, when they come back to the computer they are missing.  Any ideas? Please help!

The file you deleted is the encrypted database files used by the application. Unfortunately your files are gone forever. 

I did the same thing.  The problem is when I run SandiskSecureAccess and enter my password I can get in and I see my files there but it won’t allow me move them out or delete them.  They are stuck there.  Is there a way I can reformat this so it will work like it should?  I do not care about losing the data.

You can just format the drive indeed, which will delete all data, including Secure Access. So should you have files outside of the vault, back them up and format the drive.

After formatting, you can use the drive as any other storage device. Should you then still want to use Secure Access, you can download it from the SanDisk knowledgebase again ( KB 2399 ) and save it on the flash drive. Of course, you can use any other encryption software should Secure Access not meet your needs.