Defective Clip is not under warranty

My SanDisk Sansa Clip version 2 that I bought recently, the “home” button is quite difficult to press due to the protruding of “home” button not enough, so I need to use my nail to click the “home” button.

After I asked some Clip users, I found that they have no problem with the “home” button, their “home” button can be click easily by thumb, that means i got a defective set of Clip.

And now the distributor of my country which is “Vector Digital Sdn Bhd - Malaysia” refuse to one-to-one exchange or repair my Clip, they said the “home” button difficult to press is not consider a defective set, so it’s not under warranty although I just bought it one day.

Regarding this problem, I already sent few email to Sandisk customer service center, and also sent a message to them from their website , but they didn’t reply me.

It’s sound like getting a defective set of product is depend on your luck, Sandisk is not responsible on it.

This really make me disapointed by Sandisk product quality and their customer service.

I’m here, just to share my worse experience with those future Sandisk product buyer out there.

Message Edited by twlau on 01-11-2009 02:16 PM

First off Edit your post and get rid of your e-mail unless you like spam. Second. Call Sansa. it could take a while to get an e-mail.  Its alot harder to ignore a ringing phone.