decrypt u3 files -- HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to decrypt the u3 files.  I recoved my u3 files after the u3 drive went bad but now I need to decrypt them. 

Write to the vendor of your Kernel File Data Recovery application and ask them for help using it or try a different recover app.

I have recovered the data and it turns out to be a 7.55 GB dll. What can I do wiht it? How do I decrypt it?


Without the app that encrypted the files, and the password used, not much. 

open up a ticket with Sandisk gkaloudelis, this should be able to give you out options. They can tell you straight if there’s something you can do about it. 

I know the thread is a bit old but I am desperate.  Were you ever able to decrypt the files?

I don’t know if you are still a round, but I found the answer on how to decrypt encrypted files. Here it is stepp-by-step.

  1. Open the secureaccessv2 vault using your passwork.

  2. Go to the file you want to decrypt.

  3. Right click on that file, a menu will pop up. In that menu…

  4. Click on "Save file(s) to

  5. When the next screen comes up, navigate to the place where you would like the decrypted file to end up, something  like a “Temporary” folder on your C drive or even on the USB drive itself but outside the vault.

  6. When you do this you will be working in a window titled, “Please choose a folder to extract the file(s) to”

  7. Once you have choses this folder (or lacation) click on “Save” down on the bottom right. Don’t worry that the fiels in front of it is blank.

  8. After you click on “Save”, the decryption will begin. It will taka a longer time than mere file transferring, just like it took a longer time to encrypt the file originally into the vault.

On my machine, once I have decrypted the file, the file name in the vault may not open any longer. Be careful to not lose it in its new decrypted location. You will have to reenter it into your secureaccessv2 vault and it will be encrypted again.

I hope this helped.

FYI  U3 doesn’t use SecureAccess.

Thank you dsb 1983. I had no idea that the files automatically  encrypted when transferred to the sandisk USB stick/drive.

I wanted to remove a moneymager.ex file to convert to excel and could not . Your decryption method worked a treat and saved

me from disaster .