Dead Clip??

I opened the clip for the first time and the battery was too low to turn on.  I charged it for an hour and was able to copy some mp3’s to it via Windows explorer.  It worked fine for an hour or so and now it won’t power up at all.

Right now, there is no “SanDisk” or anything else displayed on startup - just a black display.  I have had it on a USB charger for an hour or so and it is hot to the touch. 

I tried to hold the on button for 15 seconds as well as hold the on and center button while connecting.   I get no response whatsoever.

The other one I bought on the same order is fine, so I think my USB ports, cables, and procedures are fine.

I’ve tried it on two different XP SP2+ machines with the same result.

Any suggestions?

My Clip’s been warm (charging while it’s playing, which seems to be the most reliable way to charge while not connected to a computer), but never hot. 

If it’s hot then there’s probably something wrong.  Is it so hot that it’s uncomfortable to hold it? 

Did you charge the other one with the same USB charger?  (if not, the charger could’ve done something bad to the non-responsive one) 

Sounds like you’re doing everything right.  An exchange might be in order if there’s nothing that will make it power on. 

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Yes, too hot to hold.  I used three different USB cables and two different XP machines.  The Clip got hot with all combinations.  I think it’s going back to Best Buy…

Yep, sounds like it’s defective and time to go back to BB.

R&R’d this at BB today and the new one works great. 

Great forum, thanks for the info in all the posts!

Congratulations, and good to hear it worked out!