Dane ElecSDHC micro chip won't work right with 2 GB Sansa Fuze! Please Help!!!

I just bought a Dane Elec brand SDHC micro chip and inserted it into my Fuze’s SD chip slot.  The screen said that it was refreshing the media and I went to settings and then to info and it appeared on the list as having 0 MB of data, but 0 MB of free space. So then, I put the chip in it’s adapter and inserted it into the computer and put photos and mp3s on it.  I then put the SD chip back in the Fuze and it once again said that the media was being refreshed.  I went to the music menu to find that the music that I put on it didn’t show up on the music list on the Fuze…nor did the photos. I went back to system sttings>info and it said 0MB of data and 0MB of free space again!

But when I put it in the computer, I can view all of the pics and listen to all of the music I put on it. Someone please help! It’s brand new and should not have errors. I also tried updating to the latest firmware and that didn’t help either!

Put it in the computer or Fuze and format it FAT32 with 32k file allocation size. Do not use default file allocation size in Windows. Then retry in Fuze. I’m using a Dane 4gb with no problems when formatted as stated.

Is your player’s USB mode set to msc? If not, then set it to msc via the player’s menu. Do your songs have tags? Did you try inserting the card while the player was off?

tags as in names? yes they do…and i already tried msc mode with no help…

It came formated in that format. anything else i could try?

Make sure you are pushing it in all the way until it clicks in place. The card should be flush with the holder and not sticking out at all. Sounds dumb, but these cards are usually a bit tight until they are inserted a few times.