Cruzer Glide works on Mac, not Windows.

Just purchased a Cruzer Glide 32 gig.  Set it up and it works on my Mac but not my XP Windows or Windows 7.  How do I set up to work on the Windows machines?

Does “Set it up” include formating the drive?

When you say it doesn’t work, which part of it doesn’t? When you first plug it in to a PC, what happens next? 

The PC recognizes the Scan drive as (Local Drive :E). When I open the drive, a folder appears with the ScanDiskSecureAccessV_win.  When I click on that and enter my passowrd and login I get an error message and can go no further.  When I open the Cruzer on the mac all works well, both loading and unloading files.

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Well, it’s very simple, there are two softwares, one for Windows and one for Macs.

Download of the page of SanDisk:


SanDisk SecureAccess software is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS 10.5 and up.
Use with a Mac requires other software download.

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Thanks, Cacho.  The obvious answer that I somehow couldn’t see!

:smileyvery-happy:  OK! Enjoy!

I’d be grateful for some info on this topic please - I have a Cruzer Glide, installed Secure Access 3 on it for Windows, I need to test it on a Mac, as I need it to work on both platforms.

If I have already set up my password in the Windows version, and I have the Mac version of the software on the stick also, will the Mac version know my password?! I can’t seem to find an “idiot’s guide” on exactly how to load images from W and access on a Mac, and vice versa, which exactly what I need it to do. 

Specifially, I need for multiple users across all platforms to be able to load images to their stick, and send it to another user whose platform we won’t know in advance, through the post. (GDPR compliance! …even though we tell each user to send them Guaranteed Delivery next day and the only one that went missing was sent in normal post, untracked.)

Thank in advance - never used encryption before. Needs to be fully tested and reliable before we roll it out.


Two points nicky;

  1. Easiest way to find out if the Mac version works with the Windows version would be to try it on a Mac and see what happens.  Maybe a neighbor or library has one you could test on.  I unfortunately don’t.

  2. Not everything needs to be encrypted on the drive.  Files can be stored on it in normal fashion too, one of which could be a .txt file with instructions how to log in to the SecureAccess vault when used on a Mac or on a Windows machine.  Another normal .txt file could contain instructions for what to do if the drive is lost and found by someone.