Cruzer Glide with both Windows and Mac


I was given a 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide.

I would like to use it with both Windows and Mac machines.

When I plug the drive into my Mac, it appears as a Yosemite Install Disk.

Is there something special that I should do to get this to work?

Jim P. 

I’m not a Mac user but if you are referring to SanDisk SecureAccess app there is a Mac version and a Windows version.

I wasn’t referring to Secure Access.

I realized that my question(s) weren’t worded very well.

First - why does the SanDisk appear as “Yosemite Install Disk”?

Secondly - can I easily exchange files from a Windows machine to a Apple Mac (and v.v) using this SanDisk device?

Jim P.

It would not show up as a “Yosemite Install Disk” from the factory. It should show as “Cruzer”, “No Name”,  “Untitled” or something similar. If it is showing as “Yosemite Install Disk” it would seem someone tried making it an install disk for that OS or renamed it. 

Yes you can use it between Windows and Mac you just need to format it in a compatible file system. For read and write access on both platforms use exFAT. If you format in a Mac make sure you use MBR (master Boot Record) as the partition scheme. If you format on a Windows computer you can use the default settings and choose exFAT as the file system.