CruzerGlide 32GB access issue.

I have about 15GB of data installed on my CruzerGlide from my MacBook.  However when I plug Cruzer into HP comptuer and log in thru Secrue Access, I cannot see my files.  The “My Vault” tab is empty.  When I open the drive back in my MacBook, files are there.  Any idea on how to see files on HP?

Thanks .

:smiley:  Hi, Kiel9868

Sure, there are two softwares, one for Windows and one for Macs.

See the main page of SanDisk.


SanDisk SecureAccess software is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS 10.5 and up. Use with a Mac requires a software download.


Regards, Alfred.

Additionally, to isolate this further, does this only happen on MAC but not on Windows? 

:confounded:    hmm… again, is there an echo…