Cruzer Flash Drive - What is WMPinfo.xml ?

I deleted all the files on my cruzer 2gb usb flash drive, including U3 etc. Everything.

But everytime, the WMPinfo.xml comes back on its own, what is it ?

I’ve look on the internet and the only thing i can see, it’s related to windows media player… but why would it come back, when i’m not using Windows OS or anything windows related…

well if you are not using windows OS or anything windows related. then i doubt it is a legitimate windows media player file :). that file is a legitimate file but if it is legitimate you would have to be using windows media player.

that being said some viruses use the file names of legitimate files to trick users. if the file is creating itself and you are not using windows media player (which by the way even windows media player would only create this file if you created a sync partnership with the flash drive) then you likely have a virus, spyware or malware that is creating the file. if this is the case you will need to clean the computer before you can remove the file.

just an FYI it will likely infect every computer you plug the flashdrive into until you clean your computer.