cruzer usb 2.0 flash drive

i have never used one of these devices before so i am totally lost. i put the flash drive in my computer and it went thru a series of screens. i put a password protection on it and then tried to download my music from windows media player onto it. it copied 2 files onto the flash drive. both are just offers like macfee virus protection. none of it is music. i have tried to drag and copy the files, copy and paste the files from not only windows music player but also real player which has the same content in it. nothing works. what am i doing wrong. is there a way to clear it all and start over or do i need to even do that? please help

Why not just drag & drop (copy & paste) the files you want from within Windows Explorer (My Computer)? I don’t think you can do it from WMP or Real Player.


How do I clear out the memory or see what is on the memory

??  Hold it up to the light??

No idea what you are talking about.

My desktop computer is Windows .

I booted it up and inserted the flash drive.

A couple of screens came up ,one saying that the drive was satisfactorily installed.

I now do not seem to get access to the drive at all,-have tried all I can think of.

Can you help?

It is possible that Windows assigned a drive letter to it that it had previously assigned to another device (a known Windows shortcoming).  Try manually assigning a different drive letter to it. 

My desktop computer is Windows .”

Thank you for providing details of your system.  In the future you might consider refining the details to include which version of Windows.  XP, Vista, 7, 7 32bit, 7 64bit.  :wink: