Cruzer Facet 32 Gb Not detected

I recently purchase a brand new Cruzer Facet 32 Gb and it was working fine although very slow in data transfer. While i was copying some files, it returned a message such folder was not existing and copy didn’t appear happen. I ejected the disk and tried t connect back to my win7 machine again. But it was not able to show me the content of the drive. When I see the property of the disk it shows 0b available.

I decided to format it. but the command was rejected stating “Error in IOCTL call”

Any suggestion to repair the disk is appreciated.



No repair possible on these things. Return it.

Thank you,

I have purchased this from Dubai Duty free shop. do i need to give it same shop or is there a common place to return. I am presently in Nigeria

Pls advice how to return the device.

Thank you very much,


“do i need to give it same shop or is there a common place to return.”


Returning to the same shop would be the preferred option but if not possible contact SanDisk for an RMA.  I use to have the URL for that handy but I’m not on the right computer.  Sorry.

Throw it away and buy a non-Sandisk stick.