Cruzer and U3

I love the convience of the ‘cruzer’ but I HATE the U3 software that comes on it.  It freezes up my compter half the time and doesn’t work on some computers at the Junior college.  Are they any ‘cruzers’ that come without the U3 software, that I could just use like a floppy or CD?  Abbi 46

You might have this in the wrong spot.  Anyway You can remove the U3 software.

no real spot for this, maybe off-topic discussion.

but hes right, once u3 launches, you can go to it and remove it from the flash drive. Making it just like a floppy. There are u3 forums, do a google search. Or call sandisk to walk you through removing it.

Am trying to put my music files into a micro cruzer and I just can’t get it done…I need some steps to follow right from the start…I have windows xp but cannot do it…there are words that I cannot identify like SANSA…FUSE…!!!