Cruzer 4GB loads on XP but not 7

When I plug my Cruzer 4GB into a pc with XP on it, it loads right up no problem. (Also works with my PS3) But when I plug it into my pc with Windows 7 32 Ultimate, I hear the sound of it being recognized but nothing shows under My Computer. I hear a sound when I unplug the drive, so my PC knows it’s there. What is the problem?

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1-   Please, try another pendrive in your PC with win7, and in different ports.
      If the same thing happens, that with the Cruzer 4 GB, then, do the following tests:

2-   In the Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Event Viewer: see if there is information on this item.

3-   See also, in the Task Manager, the processes which are running, and see what are the necessary and what to delete.

      Because, there are some services programs, telephones and video cameras, that cause system conflicts,

      by interference in USB ports, such as: Samsung Kies, HTC Sync, Sony Play Memories, Motorola, etc.

4-   In the _Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Device Management Tools / Universal Serial Bus controllers: _

      See if a USB icon is crossed out with red, or there is a yellow question mark.

5-   See, also, for a teaching with images, the links:

6-   There might be a conflict, between drive letters being used:

7-   Maybe what happens, is that there a corrupt line in the registry/USB, that detects this UFD as “problematic”.

     Also, the intensive use of USB ports generates, “USB junk” in the registry.

     Then, to clean, easier the “USB junk”, you can use (portable app, free): USB Scrub Cleans 1.00,

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred. (Google translated)

This is highly possible to be a driver problem. Can you also make sure that that your Windows 7 is fully updated? It will use Windows loaded drivers to recognize the device.

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Hmm… Thanks rhodesv (mikkirourke), for repeat part of my message (step 4).

Furthermore, needless full Windows update to update a driver.