cruiser blade USB stick broken

This stick has broken off whilst in my laptop, can it be mended so as to retrieve data, wire broken

Possibly, IF you can find someone who can solder circuit boards and the problem is only a wire and not the board itself.

I am enquiring about that Now, We will see   _ I will post result as It may help someone else, Thanks for Replying:cry:

Hello my name is naval dmello im from israel i have sandisk cruzer flash drive , and i think its dead and i have all my important date on that, will you please help me to fix my usb stick

i will be thankfull to you

Naval Dmello.

i have one more sandisk flash driver and by mistake all the date was delete, will you please help me to recover back all my data.

i have had the same problem only my wires were not broken the second time it was used the metal part came of in the pc with out being bent marked or damaged in any way, when i contacted sandisk they told me that the warrenty was void because of this and the final reply i got was after sending in images was as follows

 We are very sorry you feel this way however please allow us to inform you that we did examine the drive closely as the provided photographs were very clear.  Your case has also been discussed with our supervisors and the result remains that we consider the drive to be improperly handled.
Thank you for your understanding.  We remain at your service should you require additional information.
Best regards,
Samantha S.
SanDisk Technical Support

the disk was only out of the packet for 2 days and used in a pc kept in a secure cage where nothing could affect it