Help broken 4GB cruzer


    I had gotten my 4GB cruzer as a chirstmas gift last year and it has worked wonderfuly for me but today when I went to take it out the blade part that goes into the computer broke, I have had a hard time before opening it but did not think anything was wrong but today it completely broke off and all my things are on the device. I used it to save space on my computer and now I have no idea what to do.

Does anyone knows how to fix this, any help would be just great. thank you in advance.

Well, I would add a new Cruzer to my Christmas list this year. :wink:

If the files are important you need to find a skilled circuit board electronic specialist who can solder the plug back on, then plan on using it just once more to offload all files to another device.

Thank you for the reply, would a person who repairs computers know how to do this or should I try to look around for someone. just hopefully the cost will not be to much to fix since I am strapped and funny thing is I was going to buy a new flashdrive and transfer my things before this even happened but money kept me from doing it.

“would a person who repairs computers know how to do this”

Unlikely.  Computer repairs don’t require soldering, just replacing boards and plugs.  However such a person may know someone who does do circuit board repairs.

i had very same problem…all my work was on my sandisk cruzer

it was broken i was gutted…no work no job

anyway long thing…i found someone who resoldered the broken usb port back to the pcb board…i was so happy.

these are the guys details hope he can help you also

his number 01217727521

based in birmingham uk

you can try to contact your local tv/radio/phone repair service. this here is all it takes to fix the connector: how to repair a connector to recover data from flash drive