Cruzer Switch 4 Bg broken

Hi at all you.

I have a problem! One my friend broke him Sandisk Cruzer Switch 5gb and its pcb is divided on 2 part.

Fortunately the flash chip is whole!

I don’t know how the pcb is done but I think that its a multilayer pcb… than I can’t repair it with simply reconnect two pieces!

 I thinked that if I wick the chip and I connect it on a solder-less breadboard I can rebuild the chip… but I haven’t found any datasheet. 

It was difficult rode what there are on the chip, but I think it’s:






No datasheet and I think 40 I/O. Someone know if it’s possible? And someone know if the datasheet exist?

Thanks, Francesco

Tell your “friend” they owe you a new Switch and all the files you had on it.  Hopefully you have backups for the files.

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The real problem is that he haven’t got a backup of his important files that the usb keys contains. 

I know that he teoricly have to do one backup but… I don’t know what I can do.

Unfortunately I’m not sure there is much that you can do.  You can look for a local tech shop and see what they suggest but I suspect the files on the drive has gone to the bit bucket in the sky.  :cry:

Good luck.

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Looks on the bright side though, you have plenty of reason to shop around these holiday for a new flash drives. Discounts are all over the place!

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Thanks, I told him that him usb key is dead…

Newly thanks at all;