How to read from a broken SanDisk Cruzer Switch - Board is snapped in half

I have a SanDisk USB, where the board, containing the USB pins, and what I guess to be the memory area, has snapped in half.

I have attached a photo of it, and should it show here, let me explain.

Top three bits are the USB and the circuit board in its three parts, broken as shown.

There is no possible way to connect the two halfs of the board.

The bit on the top right, has, eight copper pads, of which I presume will be a possible backup connection to the memory on the drive.

Is there any device, I can attach to that 8-pin area, to perhaps read all the data off the USB.   I have another USB ready to take the data, all I need is some way to attach to that board.

For me, its impossible to recover without required tools to recover data, if the flash contains important data, it’s better to send it to data recovery facility, I recommend DataSavers because SanDisk trust it on data recoveries

Could you provide me with an address, even a website where I can find out the address from would be handy.

Also, how easy is it to get the equipment needed to do the job myself?

OK, I have contacted a local DataSavers, and I am waiting an email response with a quote.

I will post here what the outcome is.

The equipment is very sophiticated if you are not familiar with it, and it’s not guaranteed to recover the data.

And did you send also the broken device? I’m just curious

Hi…i don’t have experience with Sandisk but I have 3 different USB thumb drives. I had issues with all three. I formatted them all and it worked last night and today. Tonight I opened the car door and the gray X is back. Tried another freshly formatted drive the same thing. I will be glad when I figure this out. I might try a different brand drive.

Can you make a new thread? @DonniLiem

Check the specs for the car’s device.  It may require USB 2 and you have USB 3.  It may require exFAT format and you did FAT32.  etc.

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