Please help revive a dog chewed Cruzer Slice USB stick...

Helloo SanDisk aficionados!

As a favour for a friend I am trying to revive a Sandisk Cruzer Slice 4GB stick that has been chewed by a dog(!)

The outer casing has been damaged and the USB connection to the PCB has broken off, but the actual PCB seems fine.

I am electrotechnical and hope to repair the stick by taking apart a San Disk Ultra USB 3.00 16GB and using the USB connection part (presently I am on a boat and only have access to the Ultra; another Cruzer Slice would have been ideal)

Can anyone advise if the PCB to USB connector ‘fittings/tracks’ will be fairly compatible in terms of layout/architecture (for me to solder the USB connection from the Ultra to the Slice PCB)? Before I destroy the casing on the Ultra? Or would we have to try and obtain another Cruzer Slice?

Many Thanks for any help!!

:smiley:   Hi V3RN,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

To me, the most simple and inexpensive, is gut any USB 2.0 cable, which I walk around, and get the “plug”.

Here you have the color code.
If equal need, gutting the USB 3.0, recalls having 9 pins, power are common to both, and the USB 2.0 signal are yellow and green.

USB 1.x/2.0 standard pinout Pin:

Name           Cable color              Description

1     VBUS     Red (or Orange)     +5 V
2     D−          White (or Gold)        Data −
3     D+          Green                        Data +
4     GND       Black (or Blue)        Ground

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                               (Google translated)

Cheers Cacho!!

Great idea.

Unfortunately there was damage by one of the data pins so couldn’t solder it - I had to trace, test and do a bit of precision soldering to the leg of a chip!

All good in the end though!! Managed to retrieve the data for my colleague and transfer it.

Success :smiley:

Wow!!  Congrats V3RN.

Nice info there Cacho. I looks for it online, but could find were that was posted. Did you use a white sheet or something simlar to get those pin information? 

its the standard USB pinout. 


From a book, (does not bite).