Costco Sandisk Extreme SSD NVMe 1TB E61 - Very slow response.

Hi all,
I purchased a Portable Extreme Portable SSD NVMe 1TB (Model SDSSDE61-1T00, Gray color) and is having an annoying problem. I am using this to save ebook PDF files.

The problem is that the disk doesn’t respond to a command immediately as the other portable SSD Extreme 2TB E60 (Black color) that I purchased from Amazon before. For example, it will take 10+ seconds waiting time to start a saving process for a PDF document. It will do the same if I try to copy files to the disk while it’s in idle. If I do multiple actions continuously, it will perform very fast. But as soon as it enters an idle condition, it will take time to “wake up.”

Could someone please let me know if this is what is supposed to be or is there something that I can do to improve the problem so that there is no waiting time?

I have another one, same model purchased from Costco and am thinking of returning it and purchase the Black color one on Amazon instead with the hope that there will be no “wake up” delay.


Hi @t2022,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

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If you’re experiencing very slow response with the Costco SanDisk Extreme SSD NVMe 1TB E61, check for issues such as driver updates, compatibility with your system, and potentially faulty hardware. Test the SSD on another computer, consider firmware updates, and contact SanDisk support for assistance if the problem persists.