Corrupt files on SDHC card ?! emergency...

i have a Sandisk Extreme SDHC class 10 32 GB   memory cards which i use with my video camera panasonic af101.

while copying the recorded data from the job onto my PC there was a problem which resaulted in the data becomming corrupt, out of the 180 files recorded , only 130 were copied correctly and the rest of the Clips are still on the card but need to be “fixed” through the camera. however when trying to fix the file gets deleted( this warning pops up before trying to fix)

when opening the card on the PC the normal subfolders are thre but where the clips should be there are only 3 large files, but system files that cannot be opening.

the recovery software rescure pro deluxe isn’t helping with this sort of problem.

has anyone ever encountered this ?

any idea’s ? maybe a diffenret recovery program that doesn’t just deal with a corrupted card that needs to be reformated …

thanks you in edvance, 


You might try running ChkDsk with the /f switch (fix) from your PC on the card.

ChkDsk ? is that a software ?


ill give it a try…