Corrupted SD Card resulting in files from 1981 - What now???

So a month or so ago, I was taking photos with my DSLRs, and I had filled up 20gbs of the 32gb. Maybe a day later I put the SD card into my laptop and it’s corrupt. All of the photo files had been replaced by extremely smal “files” as they were labeled. When I look at the properties of the card, there is still 20gb of information somehwere on the card, but nowhere that I can find. I’ve tried using data recovery programs, but out of the hanful I’ve tried, none of that have recognized or found any of the missin photos. So where do I go from here?

wut.jpg ahhhhh.jpg

Try running ChkDsk on the card to see if it finds any errors. It can also sometimes correct them.

Unfortunately, nothing happened. Tried it with command prompt too and it replied with “Cannot perfrom action, does not support raw drive.” aaaa.jpg

Be careful with generic card readers, these small files generates the windows to try to repair memory mainly due to the malfunction of the card reader controller

You’ve tried to connect memory using your camera?