Faulty 32 gb SDHC class 4

I’ve recently been away travelling for three months and the last of my travel photos were taken on a 32 gb San disc SDHC class 4 card. I accessed the card on my computer to look at the pictures for the first time last night and they were all there. I went to have a look at them again tonight to back them up to my hard drive and I cannot access the card. My Laptop’s telling me that I need to format the card, I tried it in my brother’s laptop and the same thing happened. I then put the card back in my camera and it also says I need to format the card.

I don’t know what to do, there’s around a thousand photos on the card from a trip that I saved up for over a year to go on, and I will be devastated if I’ve lost all of those photographs!

Any advice would be much appreciated!!