SD card corrupt

First of all before anyone can comment, I’m very well informed and educated about technology. So don’t tell me about basic steps about:

Basic Formatting drives/via Disk management

Check if it’s write protected

Check registry

Format using CMD

Use Diskpart

Use 3rd party programs

If your solution is not in the list above, feel free to reply. I’ll deeply appreciate it.

Now the problem occured while I was recording a video using my smartphone, at first I didn’t know it was the card before and just assumed it as my phone but browsing my files on my phone. It was all inaccesible, so the most logical thing to do as a tech literate individual is I plugged it on my PC using my built in SD port.

My PC can detect the SDcard, probably has a high chance of repairing but the system says it was RAW when I was trying to format using CMD, switching to other file system format doesn’t also help.

And…I just bought it 7 freaking months ago!!!

How can it just be broken is such a little time and It was the first time I used it in a video recording and it failed me.

I hope theres a way to repair the item, It was the third time SanDisk products failed me.