Corrupt files causing unit to crash

Hi guys, I hope someone can help me with my problem!

I’ve had my Sansa Zip Clip for a few months now.

I use it mostly in my car on shuffle mode with an official sandisk 32GB memory card. There’s probably around 4,000 or more songs on the player all together.

I’ve noticed that for some reason, under the artists folders at the very bottom of the alphabet, there’s a square icon that’s appeared as a folder. If I click this square icon, there’s around 130 tracks in there which are titled with a square icon.

For eg;

The folder looks like this -

Then when you click it, there are loads of tracks listed like this:

… and so on.

It isn’t a problem when I’m playing just one artist, but if I put the player on shuffle and it happens to select one of these square tracks, the player turns off and the only way to turn it back on is to hold the power button for 20+ seconds and reset it.

It’s not a massive problem, just a minor annoyance. If anyone knows how to fix it however, I’d be very grateful and I’ll send some online fist bumps your way!!!


Are the ID3 tags for those songs non-problematic/not with odd characters/etc.?  You also might try deleting those copis of the files and re-transferring them to the player, to see if that helps, in case it all was a momentary glich.