Crashed Clipzip - Tartan screen!

Hi Everyone,

I have a clipzip with a (Sandisk) 32GB memory card, bought for me by my wife in October. It usually works great and I listen to a lot of audiobooks on it and I’m generally very happy. Today, however, I tried to turn it on, and after showing the Sansa logo for ages, it decided to go back to sleep. I didn’t think anything of it - plugged it in and left it to charge, but nothing happened.

I’ve tried various power sources, reset with the menu/on button trick and nothing’s worked.

Now, I’ve removed the microSD card and plugged it into my PC, which doesn’t recognise it. Holding down the power button for about 20 or 30 seconds will show a screen which reminds me of tartan - a lot of multicoloured vertical and horizontal lines which vanish the second that I let go of the power button. This will only work if plugged into my PC, otherwise nothing happens.

Any thoughts, oh wise people of the Sansa community?

You’re doing everything that should be done–the player just isn’t playing nice. (And when you’re resetting, you’re holding the button down for 20-30 seconds or more, right?) You might try leaving the player plugged into the power overnight (or for a day or 2), and see if that helps; and or, if it will power up in any form, leave it on and let it drain down completely, and then recharge it again. Sometimes leaving the little thing alone for a few days lets it “rest up” so that it decides to start up again–and so you’re not lost, yet–just dealing with the bugger’s demons . . . .

I am having the same issue. I held down the 2 buttons, and after about 15 seconds the ‘tartan’ screen came up. I held the buttons down for the full 30 seconds, then let up on them. (I didn’t remove the microSD card)

The player is plugged into the charger, but it had been for a couple days before I tried resetting it.

I am wondering if Milkerman’s solution fixed Nick’s player or not?