Sansa clip zip 8gb constantly crashing

Hello there,

I’ve had a Sansa Clip Zip 8GB for about 5 years, along with a microSD card. Recently, it has been plagued with issues…which I suspect may relate to the card, or the card’s contents.

I had previously formatted and reloaded the firmware, and am running in MTP mode.
I find that the issues tend to happen only when playing something from the card, and not from the tracks on the internal memory.

One issue that started happening was the sudden freezing in the middle of a track. I would have to restart, and then it would be fine. Then another issue was that it would skip the file I wanted to play, and skip every file in the directory, till stopping still at the end (all the while showing no artwork, where there should be). Again, a reboot tended to help.

Now, an even more serious pair of issues occur; instead of crashing, it keeps trying to refresh the media library, almost upon doing any action, or at random times. In fact, any of the above issues seem to occur even if i so much as nudge my player, as opposed to keeping it on a flat surface…sometimes, I think. But in any case, when all this happens, I take out the card, replace it, refresh the library, and hope for the best…and sometimes it pays off, others, not.

I am basically wondering if it is the mp3 player itself, or the card at fault, as I would like to know which to replace. The card’s contents are still visible when I plug it into the pc, and I can make transfers, usually still…as long as the card was showing the contents on the mp3 player just prior to that (sometimes it does not acknowledge the card’s contents at all).

If it helps, I noticed the card seems a little eroded, on the data side of it.

I appreciate any help, as I hope to get it all working properly again soon.