Copying audio Files to the e280

    I am trying to copy files to the e280 using Real Player and Windows Media Player.  I can never get the files to show up on the song / album menu.  I have tried both WMA and MP3 formats.  What is the proper way to do this.  I bought one for my dad for his birthday and if I am having problems he is doomed.

Thanx, in advance for the help.

Well the way I did it is to plug the Sansa USB cable into your computer. I think you may have to set the Sansa under SETTINGS, USB MODE to MSC so your computer can recognize it.

I then copied all my MP3’s with proper tags (artist, album, title, genre-if you want) to the directory called MUSIC.

To copy I just did a copy from my computer and pasted the files to the drive that the Sansa is listed as on your computer.

Then after all the copying is done-try just a few at first, unplug the Sansa.

It will reboot and refresh its database.

If after the Sansa restarts you do not see the songs or they are in the wrong place, etc…

You can do 2 things:

  1. Play around with the MP3 tags until you get them right. What I did (my preference) was to clear out (delete) anything in the ALBUM field. I wanted an entire list of songs, but not by album.

  2. If things get out of sync, you can safely delete the folder called DATA found under the SYSTEM folder on the Sansa. It will be rebuilt when you disconnect the USB cable form the Sansa unit. I have done this plenty of times…

Hope this helps.

You might try the Sansa site where they post some videos on how to perform certain functions.

Others may chime in to get you up and running using perhaps Windows Media Player or Rhapsody or something. I just do it the manual way due to my comfort level.

Good luck