MP3 audio files to sansa 260

I have en e260 and want to put the books of the Bible on it.  The books are CD-ROMs  MP3 format.  My 260 won’t accept them.  The playlist shows up with red circles with x in them.  I downloaded the Media Player 11 as instructed, but my first page does not show the same as your manual.  Read the manual.  Am 69 and trying to learn.

We have a CDROM replete with mp3 files on it, or an audio CD with PCM Red Book files on it. 

This is what we need to check out, and then your Bible will be ready to play on your Sansa.

Plop the CD in the tray and have a look at what happens.  Does it start automatically in your media player?  If so, the CD has standard PCM files, and these will need to be “ripped”, or converted to mp3 (or wma) format using an application like Windows Media Player.

If the files are already in mp3 format, once the tag information is checked, these files can simply be transferred to your device.  I mention “tag information”, since finding the audio files on your Sansa is accomplished by the tags that are added to the files.

I’ll give you a nutshell description of what we’ll need to do.

The mp3 files on your CD will be transferred using Windows Explorer to the desktop, or to your audio library, which is a folder under My Documents.  Windows likes to call this folder My Music.  If you use Windows Media Player, your audio files will automatically be placed in there.

All you’ll need to manage the tag information on these files is a free program called MP3Tag.  This program will list all of those Bible chapters, and will allow you to reorder, group, or rename them for easier reference.

The files, once the tags are OK, can then be dragged and dropped to the Music folder of the e260.  In fact, you can even load them all on a micro-SD card if you wish.

There are many ways to get these files installed and running on your Sansa, and others here will ahve advice on their own preferred methods.  This is the cool thing about a Sansa versus many other devices, you have plenty of options.

You can have a peek at the contents of the CD by going to My Computer, and with the CD loaded, you can click on the CD drive to look at what kind of files are on there.  It’s even possible to directly drag mp3 files right over to the Music folder on the Sansa, but with a Bible, this involves a lot of files.

Let me know which version of e260 you have, as there are two versions, the v1 and v2, and they behave a wee bit differently.  The v2 device powers up with a blue sansa under the SanDisk logo.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

N Bob, Thank you for your reply. Based on your directions, I got one file tagged and moved. But, I’ll be darned if I can repeat it! I think I am correctly following your directions, but I can’t get the other files to move. It is making me nuts! Obviously, I am screwing up something!! LJ

No worries!  It takes a bit of experimenting to get the feel of MP3Tag, but once you do, you’ll find that there are several ways to accomplish the same task.  As you move the cursor over the buttons, their function will display.

What did you find on the CD?  Is it loaded with a library of MP3 files?

If so, you can drag and drop one or several files to the desktop, and tell MP3Tag to look at the files there.  What we’re interested in is the ID3 tags that hopefully are embedded into the audio files.

If the tags are valid (the Sansa likes ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 [Latin-1 character set] tags), you can transfer the whole enchilada over to the device, and they will all list together for easy access.

We can figure it all out one step at a time, don’t worry.

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Thank you.  You are such a blessing for me.  I spent hours and hours trying to get those files moved.  Somehow, I managed to get 3 of the 24 files retagged and moved successfully.  I just can’t remember how I did it.  I think it is the ID ten T virus.  (ID I0 T) 

I moved the disk files onto a Playlist on the WMP11.  I can’t get them moved to the MP3tag screen.  When I get them there, I know I need to


The CD is loaded with the library of  files  designated with the musical note icon.  The extension is MP3, and I see that the “playable” files have the mwv tag.

Looking forward to your response.  


I think you might be trying to re-tag the files that are burned onto the CD. No wonder they don’t want to budge.

Copy all the files on the CD–assuming they are mp3 files, not .cda or .wav–into a folder on your computer (Desktop or anywhere you can easily find it). Then open the folder in mp3tag and work on those ID3 tags.  If they are not already tagged,  highlight them all and look under Convert–you can Convert filenames to tags. (So if for instance a file is named 01-Genesis then look under the Convert possibilities and find %Track%-Title.) Also look at the Auto Track Numbering Wizard after you make sure the tracks are in the right order. 

With the files all highlighted you can name the album Bible just by typing that into Album once. Put something in Artist too.

Then transfer from the folder to the Sansa.

You  don’t need WMP at all. You could just fix the tags in the folder on your computer . Put the Sansa in MSC mode, click on the Sansa in My Computer (or Computer)  and copy over the whole folder. Much easier than the playlist method. 

Once you have done that, go back into MTP mode and delete the ones you sent over in MTP. Otherwise you will have two copies of some files on the Sansa. 

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your interest and help.  I got your latest message at the same time I got one from the place I bought the disks.  Between the two, I GOT IT!!  In case it is helpful to you for future folks…If I DOUBLE CLICK!!  on the CD-ROM, the MPs files come up.  Then, all I have to do is move them to the desktop (as you said), then from there I move them to the SYNC column on the WP11, click on the sync, and they are all transferred to the Sandisk.  I knew it!!  I knew it would be simple if I ever figured it out!!  Double clicking on the CD-ROM was the biggest stumbling block.  The time(s) when I got the MP3 files up were just be accident.  That’s why I could never duplicate it.

Thanks, again.

Glad to hear you have it working! 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the great advice.

Downloaded MP3Tag and ran it.

Dragged and dropped my mp3 file into the MP3Tag window, then selected it there. Edited the tag information, then closed MP3Tag.

Then, I dragged the mp3 file (now with edited tag information) onto the Sansa icon in the Sources window of Rhapsody with my player attached.

It shows up in the podcast menu of the player, as it should.

Thank you, neutron_bob. You are a credit to the family of sub-atomic particles.